Moringa Oleifera has 25X More Iron than Spinach

Iron = Oxygen

Oxygen = Energy

Iron is the most essential and important nutrient in our daily lives. This is because Iron is needed to create hemoglobin, which carries oxygen throughout your body.

Moringa for Iron; Key Points:

  • People who suffer from fatigue, body weakness, and headaches are likely suffering from Iron deficiency (anaemia) or a mild form of it.
  • Iron must be gotten from natural food sources and not from an Iron supplement.
  • Iron is vital for muscle health. Without Iron, muscles lose their tone, elasticity, and strength.
  • Because our brains use 20% of our Oxygen, Iron is directly related to our brain’s health and function
  • Concentration and mental performance can be boosted with sufficient amounts of Iron.
  • Iron is especially important for women because of blood loss during menstrual cycles.
  • Moringa also naturally contains Calcium, Copper, and Vitamin C which helps boost the Iron’s absorption and effectiveness.
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