Rare photo of Fidel Castro harvesting Moringa from his personal Moringa Farm

88 year old Fidel Castro is making appearances in public again after a long battle with a mysterious stomach ailment that was rumored to be cancer.

According to multiple sources he appears fully recovered and “full of vitality”.

His first meeting in over a year was to discuss Moringa, a plant Fidel calls a “Miracle” and which he credits for his recovery.

Cuba is investing heavily in Moringa, with acres and acres of Moringa being planted and a China-Cuba Moringa Oleifera Science and Technology Center Cooperation — with research facilities in Yunnan, China and Havana, Cuba completed in 2014.

Here is what Fidel Castro has to say about Moringa.

“Moringa, originally from India, is the only plant that has every kind of amino acid. With proper planting and management, its green-leaf production can exceed 300 tons per hectare in a year. It has dozens of medicinal properties,” Fidel said.

“Its effects on the digestive system are very good as with all plants, apart from its high protein qualities, but people should not eat more than 30 grams per day, depending on intestinal motility. Some people can handle more. I know some who consume more in the form of tea, or powder, with excellent results due to its sedative qualities which are helpful for rest,” the Cuban leader said.

He states that “samples of seeds from different varieties have been provided to the agricultural research institutes in our country. We will soon know more about their potential.”

The Cuban Biotechnology Institute, famous for it’s biotech research and medical innovation, has developed other anti-cancer vaccines which may soon become available in the United States due to the lifting of the trade embargo by President Obama.

They are said to have been extensively researching the anti-cancer benefits of Moringa for the last 5 years.

It will be fascinating to see what they’re research reveals. We’ll keep you posted!