Have you wondered why some Moringa products are light green like Matcha?

Bad news, it’s NOT because they use shade grown young leaves which are sloowwwlly grounded down using traditional stone-mill grinders (like they do with Matcha in Japan).

Nope. It’s actually just because Moringa stems & branches are light green. 😱 😡

File this one under ‘DISTURBING’.

Your Moringa coming from India & China is being mass harvested just like you see above in the video.

The worst part is that I know from talking to these suppliers that the end product (the moringa powder) includes all of the stems and branches.

They’ve told me it’s “just too costly” to remove the small Moringa leaves from the stems before the drying & pulverizing process.

(It’s true that this is a meticulous process, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done! The Moringa leaves contain all of the plant’s therapeutic properties and nutrients!)

The supplier (who was the one who sent me the video, they’re actually quite proud of it) quoted me $2 per pound of “Moringa Powder” LANDED — yes, that’s only TWO DOLLARS for a pound of Moringa powder bottled with my own label and shipped all the way to Port of Los Angeles!

It wasn’t until I saw this video and did a weigh test that I understood JUST HOW it could be so cheap…

Just how much of their Moringa Powder is stems and branches?

I harvested 10 pounds of Moringa, separated the leaves, stems, and branches and then weighed each of them. The tiny leaves only made up 14% of the total mass!

That means 86% of what you’re getting from these Chinese and Indian suppliers is stems and branches with little to no nutrients.

That’s why it’s only $2. Sigh.

It’s getting harder and harder to find hand harvested, hand plucked, and gently dried Moringa leaf products.

Retailers just can’t resist those profits. 🙄

Just read the comments on that youtube video and you’ll see Moringa growers salivating over the idea of owning one of these harvesters.

The sad truth is, in the world of natural health supplements, whoever can provide the product for the absolute cheapest wins.

It usually ends up being a company from India or China and both of these countries have the worst health records imaginable.

Products out of India and China are consistently testing positive for heavy metals, dangerous bacteria, and are even often found to be contaminated with pharmaceutical drugs.

Supplement companies in the USA are not required to tell you where their product is sourced, but if you do your due diligence and have the know how you can always find out exactly where it’s coming from.

I’ll be giving away a free guide soon on exactly how do this.

In the meantime, don’t let these shady producers ruin another one of nature’s greatest gifts.

Please help spread the word.