How can Moringa Oleifera really help with weight loss?

Look — we love Moringa Oleifera (obviously), but recent claims by some companies that Moringa Oleifera is a miracle weight loss supplement are quite a stretch.

There are no known fat burning or slimming properties to Moringa Oleifera.

Moringa Oleifera is meant to fully nourish and energize your body.

Meeting all your bodies nutritional requirements will naturally curb junk food cravings and supply you with the energy you need to maintain a healthy & active lifestyle. But it is not a miracle plant that will melt your extra pounds away.

No responsible or serious Moringa company would make these claims. 

If you see one of these fly by night companies marketing the product as such, you should really question the ethics of that company and the quality of the product.

We wish everyone had Moringa in their home, but for the right reasons and with the right expectations.

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  • Kenneth

    Hello,yes I believe also Moringa leaf powder is not for losing weight and completely detoxing the body,but the seeds do assist and help work very well with the right combination of lifestyle and nutrition,plus plenty(or lots of water)… Kenneth

    • Justin Miramontes

      Yes! Many people take Moringa Powder and get a sudden surge of energy and will power to go on a run or go to the gym. All it takes is one step in the right direction. That is the weight loss secret to Moringa Oleifera. :)

      • MidEvil Barbie

        Moringa seeds help with weight loss if taken correctly. I have experienced this first hand. In addition to the moringa, I also take chia sees for weight loss and I am seeing results.

        • Justin Miramontes

          I’ve been hearing many fascinating stories about eating raw Moringa Seeds! A Japanese gentleman I met (who now has his own organic moringa farm!) told me his liver cirrhosis was completely stopped just from eating 15 raw moringa seeds every day. There is a lot of scientific research on moringa’s ability to cure/treat for liver diseases too — I’ll be posting about it on the blog soon! Thnx, MidEvil Barbie!

  • kingsley

    Studies show that the leaves of moringa olifera contain chlorogenic acid, a compound known around the world for its fat burning properties, its the major compound in green coffee beans that gives it its tremendous weight shedding properties. So turns out moringa has something to offer when it comes to weight loss.
    Note: chlorogenic acid also has many other beneficial properties(healthwise)

    • Justin Miramontes

      Wow great share Kingsley! You’re absolutely right. Chlorogenic Acid is all the craze right now as it inhibits fat absorption AND encourages your body to use existing fats as energy. I will definitely be researching this more.

  • San Yun

    I’ve been taking moringa for a month now and have noticed that it reduces belly fat. That’s not the reason I started taking them and I never expected it but it happened. My exercise and food regimen hasn’t changed.